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Walker Partners is an exciting and energetic place to work! We are a dynamic, regional civil engineering firm located in Austin, Bryan/College Station, Killeen, and Waco. Our engineering practice is founded on land development, water resources, transportation, and municipal engineering.


Our Pillars are the core of our firm's beliefs and values. They are the foundation of our employee relations, client service, business ethics, and professional strategies. Our Pillars define our Brand, which is the culmination of our associates, services, facilities, communication, and standard of quality.


Positive Professionalism:

Walker Partners adheres to approachability, undeviating courtesy, integrity, and responsibility in our dealings with clients and colleagues. We deliver our Brand of Professionalism at a level of excellence that goes above financial considerations or legal requirements. We accomplish this through a constructive work environment and through honest people with a positive work ethic.



Lasting relationships are built on giving – not taking. Walker Partners has built its reputation on delivering Positive Professionalism and Steadfast Service to customers time and time again. Our character is to treat our employees, colleagues, and clientele with dignity and respect.



Walker Partners’ Leadership cultivates values, confidence, and experience to inspire and guide our clients and personnel. We achieve our goals and complete our projects without compromise and with respect to our Partners.



Our name itself implies Teamwork. Partnering with our colleagues, employees, and clientele creates a bond that unifies our strengths to accomplish our goals. Internally, we create a sense of camaraderie between each design team and each office whereby we willingly assist others to accomplish the mission. Externally, we collaborate with our clients to achieve their vision.



Walker Partners is passionate about providing excellence in civil engineering and about delivering unprecedented service. We are continuously improving our processes and quality to provide innovative solutions that provide the best “return on investment.”


Steadfast Service:

Walker Partners’ reputation for providing industry-leading professional services is well grounded – we respond to our clients as soon as possible, communicate thoroughly, and provide status updates regularly and often. We go the extra mile to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions along with keeping our promises – at Walker Partners, our deed follows our word.





Thursday and Friday, September 24 & 25.

Civil Engineering Lab Bldg, Suite 239
199 Spence Street
College Station, TX 77840