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Dynamic Engineering Consultants, PC

Dynamic Engineering Consultants, PC

Days Attending:

Wednesday, September 28th (Day 1)

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Geotechnical, Land Development


Dynamic Engineering Consultants, PC and its Family of Companies; Dynamic Earth (Geotechnical & Environmental Services), Dynamic Survey and Dynamic Traffic offers comprehensive Engineering consulting services throughout the United States of America with offices located in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas.

We specialize in engineering and construction related services including; Site Engineering, Land Planning and Design, Permitting and Entitlements, Geotechnical & Soils Engineering, Construction Management, Construction Inspections, Traffic Engineering, Professional Planning, Land & Marine Surveying, Environmental Remediation Consulting and Structural Engineering. We have built our company to offer a unique consulting experience paralleled with an understanding of the design and permitting process for all forms of commercial, industrial and residential development. Our services blend value engineering, resource management and technical design expertise, to offer the best chance for project success.

Dynamic’s portfolio has serviced a wide range of clientele that spans across a multitude of industries. We cater to the demands of various Fortune 500 Companies as well as an array of independent owners and developers of all sizes. Dynamic Engineering Consultants, PC is comprised of professionals with the expertise, aptitude, education and enthusiasm that is unrivaled in the industry.The work of the L2 staff is evident around the community, but some of the most important work is never seen at all. This includes street inventory and maintenance programs, efficient storm water runoff mitigation and utilities. To have a truly successful project, whether public or private, we believe that it takes a team that includes the client, the community and the governing authority. Most of our projects begin and end with effective communication with all of these entities and we strive for each of them to feel that they contributed to the project’s success.

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