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L Squared Engineering

L Squared Engineering

Days Attending:

Wednesday, September 28th (Day 1)

Looking to Hire:

Construction, Land Development


L2 Engineering is a civil design and consulting firm located in Montgomery County, Texas. L2 specializes in general civil engineering, stormwater, water, wastewater, and construction management services. L2 is owned and operated by Levi Love, PE (Class of ’01) who has been providing professional services for the Montgomery County-area for more than 19 years. Mr. Love has developed many professional and agency relationships that enable L2 to serve beyond the realm of engineering, including planning, permitting, and construction administration. L2′s professional staff includes engineers, designers, and CAD technicians to provide a wide range of services to public and private entities.

The work of the L2 staff is evident around the community, but some of the most important work is never seen at all. This includes street inventory and maintenance programs, efficient stormwater runoff mitigation, and utilities. To have a truly successful project, whether public or private, we believe that it takes a team that includes the client, the community, and the governing authority. Most of our projects begin and end with effective communication with all of these entities and we strive for each of them to feel that they contributed to the project’s success.

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